I recently picked up a new (old) boat and these are my thoughts 

The boat is a 1985 seasquirt 186.  It’s 18 and a half feet long with a 98 Yamaha 115 doing the grunt work.  The boat is almost all original aside from the transom. The transom was replaced with a composite material.  After picking the boat, motor, and trailer up for a steal, I decided i had enough money left over to rig it the way I would like.  The first addition was an atlas micro jacker!  Aside from being a pain in my a** to install, the things works awesome and really turns this boat into a skinny water machine.  The next addition will be a powerpole, followed by a trolling motor and charging system. The boat planes out incredibly well, and the hull design makes for a smooth, dry ride.  I’ve tested high end boats that don’t ride this well.  I have to say, this 32 year old boat impressed me.  If buying a brand new boat is not within your budget, don’t be afraid to go out and find that diamond in the rough; your hard work will certainly pay off.

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