Hello world!

Welcome to the Mariners Web Log!  This site will be a place to discuss and showcase all things marine.  Primarily the site will focus on the fishing culture of Matlacha and the surrounding areas.

I think today’s topic should note the weather conditions we’re experiencing on the water.  Here on Matlacha’s West Island, the wind has blown in the tide higher than I have ever seen.  Granted winter has really only showcased the tides low points, this tide is certainly abnormal.  On a normal saturday, I would be out on the water searching for snook and redfish from my kayak. With the conditions the way they are however, there is no way i’d be able to get out there safely (I wouldn’t even feel comfortable going out on the boat).  Its really got me in the dumps.  Luckily I’ve got a few projects to keep me busy.  I’m currently in the process of refurbishing an old boat with my father and I also need to make a ramp for easier entry and removal of my kayak from the water.  Check out what I’ve go in the works on the PROJECTS tab.

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