A good matlacha boat design

If you’ve ever been to matlacha then you know the waters here are very different than anywhere else in the world.  Incredible tidal swings make for tough navigation even for the most experienced boaters.  Running aground is all too common in this area.  Due to the incredibly shallow waters, boats need to be outfitted to run in a foot of water or less at all times.  With summer coming to an end, I feel it is time to start designing a new skiff specifically for these waters. Its too hot to work on a boat in the summer months down here, so winter for me means boat building season.  The last boat that I built looked nice but it didn’t perform how I wanted it too.  The draft with the motor up was about 8 inches, on plane about 12, getting up on plane about 18.  With my next build I’d like to cut all those figures in half while lengthening the boat atleast 2 feet.  The next build will focus on function over form.

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