With all the projects I have going on….

With all the projects I have going on, working full time, and also trying to squeeze some fishing in between, it has been very tough to keep this site updated.  I am making a conscious effort to do so once a week.  I also have a lot of family visiting year round, which consumes a lot of my time (but I enjoy seeing them of course).  My cousin has been in town for the past week and that meant a lot of fishing was in store for us.  He does his part whenever he comes to visit and he enjoys helping my dad and I work on the boat.  He also had the opportunity to land his first redfish and slot trout this time around which was awesome.  Below are some of the pictures from our outing.  The small trout below with a gulp paddle tail on his lip is a sand trout.  At first glance a sand trout could be mistaken for a small redfish, but it has a few tell-tale differences that can help you realize that it is actually a weak-fish (smooth scale-less body, two fang teeth, full length dividing mid-line).  That is the first sand trout I’ve ever caught on Matlacha Pass.  The speckled trout was 17 inches and the redfish was 16 inches.  All were caught on artificial lures or soft baits, primarily Gulp paddle tails and Suspension Mirrolures.  We ended up enjoying the larger of the trout for dinner one night.  I had never eaten trout before so I wanted to give it a try.  It was pretty good, not quite as good as redfish though.

IMG_0511 IMG_0516IMG_0526IMG_0517

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