Craigslist deal of the day 02-17-15

Found this thing listed today.  Its a 26 foot sailboat, needs a little bit of work, but this would be a really good project for someone.  My father and I had a 24 foot project sailboat a few years back that we did some work on and it really was a good experience.  They ended up taking a few overnight trips to tween waters resort on the boat.  If I had a place to keep this thing it would be moored right behind the house.  Unfortunately it drafts quite a bit of water so you’d need a nice deep hole to keep it in.  Here’s the link:  This boat could be a live-aboard for the right person(s).  Poster claims it even comes with sails.  Heck for $700 you could certainly make your money back by parting it out if it came down to it.00T0T_60bWwH0ujD4_600x450

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