BackCountry Flats Boats by Champion

Anybody else own a Champion made BackCountry flats boat?  There isn’t much information about them online, but I have seen a few people in the area trailering  or fishing out of some of the Pro-Guide models.  I haven’t seen any of the model that I fish, a 169 Ghost.  I think it would be a welcome addition for someone to start a blog or a forum just for BackCountry owners due to the fact that the company is no longer in business and it is so hard to find information about them.  Also a BackCountry only fishing tournament would be pretty cool.  Just some thoughts!  I know that some of their molds are now owned by Ranger, however, I doubt Ranger would want to hear about any of the problems associated with these boats.  Few they are, I believe them to be awesome boats with legendary fishability.  I’m sure there are still some guides out there running them to this day.  Some newer brands such as Beavertail and East Cape have come to take center stage for the flats and skiff boat category today, however, a lot of similarities can be drawn between the hulls that these newer companies are putting out compared to the hulls that were being laid years ago, when fishing the flats was not nearly as popular.

Ill post some pics of the boat later.  It’s having some work done on it right now and we are trying to remove some weight on it to get a shallower draft.  So far we’ve removed a bow mount trolling motor and a battery and a bunch of small hardware, so of course there are unsightly holes all over the deck that will be filled with marine epoxy.  In the past couple months the mechanical steering on the boat has become very difficult to use, making the boat unsafe.  My dad and I tried to fix it ourselves however, there is so little space to work that we couldn’t finish the job, so off to Boaters Paradise it goes once again.

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